Siantidewa – biografia

Siantidewa urodził się w jako syn króla (Kaljanawaram w Saurasztrze na zachodzie Indii na przełomie VII i VIII wieku, jakieś 500 lat przed tym jak tureccy najeźdźcy zakazali wyznawania buddyzmu i zniszczyli uniwersytet w Nalandzie.


Shantidewa was born the crown prince of royal family in Gujarat, a kingdom in western Inidia. His father was King Kushalavarmana (Armor of Virtue) and his mother mother was recognized as an emanation of the tantric deitu Vajrayogini. A his birth the prince reciver the name Shantivarmana (Armour of Peace).

Even as a very young boy Shantivarmana shoved great ability in spiritual matters and by the age of seven was alredy highly skilled in the inner science of religion. His principal teacher at thet time was a yogi who had so fully devloped penetrating wisdom that it is said he achieved unity with Manjushri, the personal deity emboding the insihful understanding of all personal deity emboding the insighful understanding of all enlightened beings. When Shantivarmana himself engaged in a meditational retreat, he too recived a direct vision of Manjushri and many prophetic omens as well.

Shortly afterwards King Kushalavarmana died, leaving Shantivarmana to inherit the throne. The night before his intended coronation, however, Manjushri appeared to him in a dream. He hold the prince that he should renounce his kingdom and become a celibate monk. Immediatly upon walking, Sahntivarmana flet the palace and disappeared into the forest for meditate. Once again he recived vision of Manjushri who handed him a symbolic wooden sword. Upon taking it Shantavarmana attained eight perfect realizations. He then traveled to the great monastic university of nalanda where he took ordination from abbot Jayadeva (God of Victory) and was giver ordinaton name of Shantideva (God of Peace).



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